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Chlorination Service
Chlorination Service
Item: MB-Chlorination

Chlorination Service.
By selecting this service you agree that you have read and understand the Chlorination process.

Read more about latex chlorination HERE

Further you understand that Chlorinated Latex is not guaranteed by MBE International and hold them blameless when preforming this service. Chlorination service can add 2 weeks or more to shipping time.

Prices are PER PIECE. If you do not select the correct item you want chlorinated your order will be delayed. You MUST select the corrrect garment you want Chlorinated.

If you are purchasing this Chlorination service for items you already own, please place your order and we will contact you with shipping instructions to us.

If your item has been shinned we do request that you send it to us washed and clean.

Our Price: USD $15.00
11.85 GBP 13.65 EUR

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